Ao Dai – Traditional Viet Nam Vietnamese Long Dress Collections With Pants

Ao Dai – Traditional Viet Nam Vietnamese Long Dress Collections With Pants – Silk 3D – Custom- All Sizes

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Van Phuc Silk Village

Ha Dong silk village is the Van Phuc silk village, now in Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong district, about 10km from Hanoi center. This is a beautiful silk weaving village famous from ancient times, has many patterns and oldest in Vietnam. Van Phuc silk was chosen for national uniform under the Nguyen emperorsLangVanPhuc2

Located on the banks of the Nhue River, Van Phuc silk village still retains many ancient features such as the old village with the lotus flowers, the ancient trees, afternoon market still in front of the family. Van Phuc silk village has long been famous for traditional silk weaving. “Ha Dong Silk” as well as traditional handicraft products of Hanoi, often referred to in ancient poetry. In many families, the ancient looms are retained, interspersed with modern mechanical looms.

According to legend, about 1200 years ago, A La Thi Nuong, a daughter in Cao Bang, is known for her skillful and skilled silk weaving in Van Phuc. She passed the job to the villagers and after her death, she was promoted to the royal family.

Van Phuc silk was first introduced internationally at fairs (1931) and (1938), regarded by France as a delicate product of French Indochina, very popular in France, Thailand, Indonesia … From 1958 to 1988, Van Phuc silk products are mostly exported to Eastern European countries; Since 1990 exports to many countries in the world, earning foreign currency for the country.

Van Phuc has 785 households doing weaving, accounting for nearly 60% of total households living in the village. Every year, Van Phuc produces from 2.5 to 3 million m2 of cloth, accounting for 63% of turnover of the entire village (about 27 billion). At present, Van Phuc has more than 1,000 weaving machines and about 400 seasonal workers daily from workplaces. Silk shops grow more and more, forming three rows of silk cities with over 100 stores to meet the increasing demand of tourists.

Beautiful beauty of Van Phuc silk villagelang-nghe-van-phuc-03

Silk weaving is ancient in Vietnam. In the 15th century, Vietnamese silk was followed by merchants boarding the ship to go to tourists near four directions. Silk weaving in Viet Nam is available in many places, but it is impossible not to mention Van Phuc – a long and famous silk weaving area of Vietnam.

“You go to Van Phuc with him
Silk dress you look more human ”

Come to Van Phuc today, just to the beginning of the village we heard the weaving of silk and caught a bustling atmosphere, busiest of shops introducing Van Phuc village is located in the village with colorful cloth sharp. Van Phuc silk is beautiful, wearing a coat on the person will see soft and gentle. The uniqueness and uniqueness of this is thanks to the skillful hands, skill, life of the people of Van Phuc.

Legend has it, Ms. La Thi Nga, a village girl, from the Cao Bien period, made porcelain in our country. She brought to the rudimentary textiles with the product is plain silk, popular. Later, she was promoted to the village. Since the hammock (16th century), Van Phuc an  weaving has been improved and developed many unique and luxurious items such as brocade, silk, the … with many flowers. dynamic, delicate.

When we have no machines, weaving, silk, flower is not easy, requires the Van Phuc to study, research, experiments.

Those who draw beautiful flowers, sew flowers smartly, when weaving up into beautiful flowers like real flowers, customers are very fond of, we do not have time to sell. With the flowers on, any flowers, what images, what artists Van Phuc have done.

In the past, when there was no machine, but Van Phuc artists stitched flowers and flowers are very skilled and delicate. At present, the zucchini machine is just set flowers with perforated cardboard to hook the needle to the flowers, it is still the principle of flowers for centuries, except that there are no flowers. as ever.

In order to create excellent silk products, the workers of Van Phuc have carried out a complicated technical process involving many stages such as silk stitching, stitching, weaving, dyeing. Each stage must be conducted in strict accordance with regulations

Today, Van Phuc silk through generations, the artisans and weavers have constantly improved, improve production techniques. Therefore, Van Phuc silk of any kind has reached the perfect, smooth, soft color with iridescent, delicate lines when floating when sinking, there are elegant type, there are brilliant.

Throughout the generations, Van Phuc silk has always kept the traditional arts. The pattern is always decorated symmetric, decorative lines are not frizzy, complex but always soft, loose, decisive. Thus, Van Phuc silk is not only favored in the country but has gone beyond the territory of Vietnam to the hands of the four directions.

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Ao Dai – Traditional Viet Nam Vietnamese Long Dress Collections With Pants – Silk 3D – Custom- All Sizes

Ao Dai – Traditional Viet Nam Vietnamese Long Dress Collections With Pants – Silk 3D – Custom- All Sizes