Vietnam Festival

Giong Festival

Temple Festival (Soc Son)
Hoi Gion (Temple Festival) is a traditional festival held annually in many places in Hanoi to commemorate and celebrate the feat of legendary hero Giong, one of the four immortals. Vietnamese folk beliefs.

There are 2 typical meetings in Hanoi: Soc Son Soc Trang (Giong Temple), Phu Linh Commune, Soc Son District and Phu Dong Giong Temple at Phu Dong Temple, Phu Dong Commune, Gia Lam District. is the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.


Clients come to the Assembly of visitors to the Giong
Passion procession ceremony at Thuong temple (Giong temple)
Feast of elephants in Giong festival (Soc Son) Feast of elephants in Giong festival (Soc Son)
The procession procession Giong Temple festival (Soc Son) Ceremony procession Bridge Giong Temple (Soc Son)
Ginkgo picking procession (Soc Son) Ginkgo picking procession (Soc Son)
The procession procession Giong Temple (Soc Son) The procession procession Giong Temple (Soc Son)
Ceremony procession of young generals in Giong festival (Soc Son) Ceremony procession of young generals in Giong festival (Soc Son)
Pictures of the General Assembly of Giong (Soc Son) Pictures of General Assembly of Giong (Soc Son)
Elephant procession in Giong village (Soc Son) Elephant procession in Giong village (Soc Son)
Giong bamboo flower festival (Soc Son) Giong bamboo flower festival (Soc Son)
Bamboo shoots at Giong festival (Soc Son) Bamboo shoots at Giong festival (Soc Son)
Origin of the Association
The festival at Phu Dong Temple and Soc temple associated with the legend of Saint Giong – is a strange boy in Phu Dong village: although handsome, but still 3 years old but still can not speak, laugh. All day long, he was just lying in a baskets hanging on a bamboo stick, so he was named Giong. But when he heard the king’s call to find talented people fighting foreign invaders, Góng suddenly grew as quickly as blowing, then volunteered to save the country, saving the people. After defeating the enemy, he returned to Mount Soc and rode up to the sky.


Thanh Giong – one of the four immortals of Vietnam, is the symbol of foreign aggression of the nation of Vietnam. Giong is the generalization, visualization and idealization of the whole process of birth, growth, fighting, victory of Vietnam’s first anti-aggression troops during the Van Lang period. In the power of man there is both the physical strength, the arms and the power of the spirit, the extraordinary will.

The mountain of Saint Giacong resting, dressed to fly to the sky, now in Phu Linh commune, Soc Son district outside Hanoi, 40km north of the center of Hanoi. This is the end of the earthly journey – where Saint Gionong watched the last land, leaving his coat and horse to the sky. Ginger pressing on the wood, after turning into “the shirt off”. Mr. Vu Dien left the plow to run to the Giong but not soon down the tree to sculpt the statue. The old lyrics also have the words:

Soc Son is the mountain
St. Giong flew into the blue sky.

Soc Son Mountain remember the grace, the three-day festival from the 6 th to the 8th day of the lunar month. Visitors to Soc Son Soc Son often hear the old saying:

January anniversary of Soc Son
March Hung King’s death anniversary memorial.


The festival reflects the legends of the hero from birth and growing up, committing the feat, the road to enforcing the destiny of citizens, the virtue of being children, and finally, after fulfilling his noble duty. flew to heaven (or returned to the memory of the people). Giong festival is worshiped as one of the “four immortals” of Vietnam, is a god (the god) has prestige and power (invisible) to gather the people of the country. a defense of the country.


Temple Festival (Soc Son)
Thuong Temple is a place for worshiping Thanh Giong and celebrating the festival. Sixth in the festival there are incense offerings of the villagers and the general population … The ceremony begins at the clock tick (00:00). At this time, the candle light, the candle lights brightly. Priests and dignitaries perform the ceremony of clearing (bathing the statue).

The day of the congress usually has the following special contents:

– Bamboo flower offering: Before 1945, 52 communes of 9 communes in Kim Anh district brought bamboo flowers to worship. The bamboo flower is a long bamboo sticks into a fiber on the head and then dyed red, yellow. After the offering of bamboo flowers, the ceremony shouted: “The land, the lotus”, bamboo flowers are thrown for everyone to rob the bridge. This festival is the beginning of the spring, spring is the season of the proliferation of all things, so the thought is mainly directed to traditional beliefs. The bamboos are fringed at the beginning of the symbol of the male temperament.

– Elephant procession of the village of Thuong. Elephant knit with bamboo, black paper 3 – 4 m high with drawings of fierce patterns.

– Elephant ivory procession and ivory feast of Pha Lai village.

– Spreading process: Spreading the picture is divided into two rows on a boat head dragon fish or dragon head tail swallow.

– On the morning of the 7th, the ceremony of cutting the general. Three young women were chosen to represent the enemy general from 13 to 16 years old. About 7 o’clock is the ceremony of the prime minister begins. From the top of the mountain there are flag holders command effect. When the flag is high above the flag, the lower part of the sword will swing the sword quickly to do the symbolic movement cutting off the enemy general. Three girls (general enemy) quickly ran away, quickly swept away and there are people home to pick up.After these special ceremonies, the people enjoy playing games such as playing chess or singing (singing chanting, ca tru) and enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, reminiscing the legendary history heroic, full poetry of our nation since the opening of the country.


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