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Vong Nguyet Village

Vong Nguyet (Tam Giang, Yen Phong, Bac Ninh) is a small village on the left bank of the Cau River River from the millennium, where the oldest silk originated from Kinh Bac is famous throughout the region.

“Silk Road” “Silk Road”
Remember Tan Chau silk
Land “tang tang” and ancient flower village Nghi Tam
Strong love for silk weaving
Tam island on the “mulberry top”
Throughout the thousand years of history with silk weaving, Vọng Nguyệt has come into the memories and nostalgic memories of so many generations of silkworms. Vọng Nguyet people are elegant, early in the night, needing to work on the mulberry, silkworm silk to make beautiful silk for life has gone to history books.

Vọng Nguyet people still tell each other about the history of the village, that in the past this land was called Ngoi Nhi. There is a man Chu family to urgently set up villages, built the first property should people consider this is the village. After the Chu dynasty died, they were buried in Dong Tranh, looking down at the semicircle pond from which villagers named Vong Nguyet. Vọng Nguyệt means moon, is beautiful dreaming and peaceful. Until now, people still keep the Vong Nguyet name to remember the past and remember the merit of the village.


Vọng Nguyet was famous throughout the region with the planting of mulberry and silkworm farming. Down the delta plain or back to far northwestern country, everywhere known Vọng Nguyet with the song:

“Whoever trafficked the Qin Shi Huang

Vong Nguyet agriculture has been around 1000 years. No one remembers who is the village of the village, only the stories handed down to the children are told to tell the children that the land was ancient to tell that the court assigned the task of reeling silk cloth weaving. for the king and the harem. Then the great families: Nguyen Huu, Chu, Ngo Quy, Ngo Xuan … have lived together in harmony, the boys do farming, the girls are growing mulberries, silkworms, weaving silk.

Other people often say that Vọng Nguyet is blessed by nature in favor of beautiful location, with alluvial fields for four lush mulberry fields. The Vong Nguyet as a predestined relationship with farming, when raising silkworms, many cocoons, each cocoon pulls a lot of silk. With diligence, skill and love, Vọng Nguyet’s people did not care for the royal court when they created silky, soft, durable and tough silk threads, silk, luxury is the right to court pleasures. The golden age of this profession has brought prosperity to the people for a long time.

At one time Vọng Nguyet was one of the busiest and most bustling villages on the Cau river because trade, silk buying always bustled people out. Vong Nguyet silk is popular in the palace, the name of the Kinh should be the dealers everywhere to order, the people do not produce for consumption. As a result, the small village life on the banks of the Cau river was prosperous and full for several centuries.

But through the fire fight, Vọng Nguyet also deeply affected by the mutiny of the time so many have lost a lot of time seems to fall into oblivion. When peace restored, the 80s of last century, artists who have lived most of their lives are always hurt with old jobs, remember the sound of spinning, remember the creeping sound, remember the silk cocoon, remember yards Bride should meet together to revive the farmer’s funeral.

With the diligence, with the dexterity, the silkwrap Vọng Nguyet made shiny, smooth and retain the identity as hundreds of years ago, the good reputation far from the traders began to come to buy. Along with the determination to keep the job of young people, the product has found the market, many households have learned to follow. Since then the village has raised the movement of growing mulberry silkworm silkworm cocoon. At that time, the house, the people who focus on production in the atmosphere as fun. Everybody coordinates very young girls, old people hardly spinning silk fire, while healthy boys are spreading everywhere like Bac Giang, Vinh Phuc … buy silk, buy cocoons. The heart is excited, the joy of playing with the whirling sound of creaking. The rustic and familiar sound of the peaceful village resounded after nearly half a century of absence, making the old men in the village extremely happy and full of hope.


In the past Vọng Nguyet has a cocoon ward now Vọng Nguyet has mulberry. Each year, the Vong Nguyet people produce 60 -70 tons of silk, nearly 10% of silk production in the country. Vong Nguyet offers a wide range of silk, from high-grade silk to fine silk, improved silk, hand-drawn silk, silk and silk.

Each year, 10 months, the spring festival will be happy until the end of February lunar year, the family will prepare the camera equipment, stove, charcoal, to prepare to embark on a new silk drag season. From the elderly to the children around the village end of the village hammering pull cocoons silk, as if the village into the Assembly. Vọng Nguyệt people are impartial and calm, interest is also fun holes also laughed. Interest is reserved for the next crop year, losses are calculated together to find a way to pull back. Where there are good cocoons, cocoons beautiful the whole ward together to buy newspapers, where there are large quarters to tell each other to greet. The Vong Nguyet people are serious and proud, they do not hide their occupation, hide their business is beautiful in the trade of Vong Nguyet village.

Now before the change of the silkworm, Vong Nguyet silk is hard to avoid the dangers, but despite the difficulties, the Vong Nguyet still cling to ancient crafts as they cherish the past, respect the history of the village.

Vọng Nguyệt is also known as “Academic Village” by Cau River. In the village, there are the descendants of Mr. Ngo Su Toan with Mrs. Chu Thi Bong, who had five doctoral degrees (doctoral degrees), some of them were mandarins in the court, helping the country and the people. The historian Phan Huy Chu praised in his book “The calendar of the tide of the chapter”: Vong Nguyet village in Yen Phong district has Ngo family since Ngoc Ngoc cadastral table Hong Duc and consecutive years of consecutive doctorate This is rare now. The Ngo family has been ranked by the People’s Committee of Bac Ninh Province to preserve a tradition of compassion and love for the future.

Department of mud 1532, under the Mac Dang Doanh, descendant of Captain Chu Dinh To graduate doctor is Chu Dich Huan. He served under the Mac dynasty to the Ministry of the Thuong dynasty, through Thiem. In the 18th century, Nguyen Duy Thuc won his doctorate when he won the first class of the Faculty of smell 1763 under the age of Hon Mon, his 30 years. He is a martial artist.

In the nineteenth century, under the reign of Tu Duc Ngo Quang Dieu was a delegate of the Faculty of Dau Giay 1849. He came to the academy. Ngo Nhu Ngoc is a doctor who graduated from the university. He came from a university, Vong Nguyet is also the most doctoral village in Yen Phong district.

It can be said that Vọng Nguyet is one of the few Vietnamese villages that are good at crafting and good at writing. Despite the thousands of years spent in the kitchen with the clothes, but the peasant legs muddy hands do not forget to remind children that they must love letters as love, they inspire learning to love generations. after.

Along the dike, the River Bridge is still peaceful day and night wave, as the source of alluvium for the murmuring murmur, green, as the academic tradition of the village will flow forever. Vọng Nguyet people tell each other that whenever the water of Cau river is still flowing, the villagers still try to cling to the farming mourning despite the fact that the life of the bride and Next to the academic tradition of the village.


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