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Xuan Lai bamboo Village

Nestled behind the dyke, spreading out over the fields, Xuan Lai Village (Gia Binh – Bac Ninh) is known not only charming scenery but also famous by the unique bamboo painting – products bearing bold soul of the Vietnamese nation.

“Bamboo green, ever green
The old days have green bamboo “


Bamboo has long been a symbol of Vietnam’s rural life, symbolizing the vitality and resilience of the Vietnamese people. Thousands of years, the image “thin bamboo stalks, fragile bamboo leaves, grow into each of the green wall is a source of endless inspiration for poets and musicians sent emotions … Land and people Xuan Lai It has been attached to bamboo for hundreds of years but not “green bamboo” but rather “bamboo smoked”. One does not know about the origins as well as the origin of smoked bamboo, but according to Thiep, one of the two elders recounts: “Around the end of the 18th century, from the village of Xuan Lai, “Smoked Bamboo” and self-invented bamboo appliances, such as: bamboo mat, bed, bed, hot pot, basket … “.

After a period of self-tinkering, artists of Xuan Lai village have invented the method to produce a variety of colors, new patterns: scrape the green shell of the bamboo and then use straw to hone the bamboo turn brown, black, then peeled, processed into products according to the requirements of the utensils. With the technology “smoked bamboo – made in Xuan Lai“, people here have created many new products from bamboo art style, unique everywhere. All people from young to young, women to children, all Xuan Lai people are taught the secret of smoked bamboo. The village gradually established its position and brand itself.

However, as technology grows, people tend to prefer new products made from materials such as plastic, pressed wood, aluminum, love ca … This has made the village Xuan Lai Many times, the smoked bamboo industry is missing out, even seemingly “wiped out” completely under the pressure of market economy.


After a period of interruption, in the late 1990s, the village of Xuan Lai smoked bamboo seems to be awakened, spring back to the new unique artwork: Xuan Lai smoked bamboo paint is a subtle combination, Daring of pictures from Dong Ho painting such as: jealousy, boiled coconut, wrestling, mouse wedding, Tung, daisy, Truc, Mai …. Represented on natural material is traditional bamboo. Each bamboo painting carries the emotion of the artist who created it, but all of them are soulful of the nation, conveying deep messages about the country and people of Vietnam. Tell us about the process of finishing a bamboo picture.: To complete a picture must go through many stages meticulously, from the selection of bamboo to treatment by traditional soaking also takes 4 months To prevent mold, the medium just keep the durability, inherent durability. Then shave the hulls to the hawthorn to be dark brown. Followed by the trees, polished, grafted into each type of painting, then printed on the piece of bamboo and began engraving. The final action is framing and finishing the picture.

Bich Thuy – a craftsman of Xuan Lai painting village confided: “An art bamboo painting depends a lot on the skill of the shoemaker. Unlike color painters, bamboo carvings use only one iron bar to shade the dark brown shade so that the blocks are highlighted based on the lightness, lightness, and darkness. ” With two black, white on natural materials, the bamboo paintings bring a nostalgic, mysterious but boldly express traditional culture of the nation. At present, bamboo paintings are becoming a high-end product, valuable in the market is the domestic and foreign tourists love.


Nowadays, Xuan Lai‘s paintings are not only high in art, but also popular among domestic and foreign customers. They are also the main source of income for villagers. Bamboo products are continuously researched creatively to meet the increasing demand of the market. Beside the folk paintings of the “pig in fresh” in Dong Ho painting, lyrical scenery, watercolor painting (China), portraits of leaders … also gradually the artist portrayed up the bamboo paintings. Life, the Vietnamese people like blending well with bamboo material and affirm the value of traditional long-standing traditions, so that when everyone remembers forever.

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