Vietnam Festival

Lim Festival

Lim – beauty from North Kinh ( Bac Ninh)

In the beginning of spring, heaven and earth reconcile, all living things, human heart to expose, that is when the land of Noi Deat jubilantly in Lim Lim air. Lim festival is a festival of ancient villages around Lim Mountain and the banks of Tieu Tuong River. This is the largest festival of the region, expressing the deepest cultural arts and spiritual beliefs of the people of Kinh Bac.

Old Lim Society

There is a theory that: The Lim festival originated from the temple, singing association, related to the singing of Mr. Zhang Chi that the ancient mark is the traces of the river Tsingtao quite clearly in the village of Lim. This theory is based on the legend of Truong Chi – My Nuong and the characteristics and characteristics of the Lim festival are cultural activities and Quan họ singing.

Lim has a long history, and grows to the size of the general association (In Noi Due). On the basis of the traditional festivals of the villages in the total area of ​​Noi Due (including 6 communes: Doi Ca and Lo Bao), Noi Du Khanh, Noi Nam, Lung Giang, Xuan O and Tien Doi Du, Dong is also celebrated in the fall of August with many rituals, sacrifices and folk arts activities: drum singing, cheo singing, ca tru, singing and singing. their relatives … Do Xuyen district cadres – the people of Dinh Ca, Noi Due, Kinh Bac have given themselves many garden and money for the rest of the family to maintain the temple, open the festival, keep the fine continuously. He prescribed the naturalization ceremony on the occasion of January each year, according to the tradition of “spring-autumn”. According to this regulation, Dinh Ca, Lo Bao and Xuan O Commune go to Co Lung Temple to welcome the gods of Dinh Ca Family, each village and commune bring a rasp of chicken, betel and betel leaves to sacrifice, then singing until the day of worship. Those who do not open the festival still maintain the sacrifice ceremony at Co Lung, while the singing is held on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival. Thus, the district Do Nguyen Thuy is a man who has developed from the festive spirit of God bless the village of the Lim region to the festival of General Forage on the occasion of autumn, August, with the general regulations, bronze He was also the initiator of the festivities in the spring, January.

The regulations on the development and renovation of the Lim Assembly was built by Doan Thuy district in 40 years. In the second half of the 18th century, the same people Dinh Ca, General Nguyen Dinh Dien continued to develop and renew Lim. He provided the fields and money for the general merchandise transfer from the fall of August to the spring of January. He also bought half of Hong Van Mountain (Lim Mountain) to build his tomb on the top of the mountain. Then, Mrs. Mu, the Inner South, tu in Hong An Pagoda (Lim Pagoda) also paid for the rest of Hong Van mountain as a burning candle, open Lim Pagoda and regulations for three years of total open Once in Lim Mountain.

The procession to the Assembly. 
The bride and groom in the dress. 

Lim girl procession palanquin. 

Trai Lim weapons. 
Ceremony at the tomb of Nguyen Dinh Dien.

Lim festival was maintained throughout the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century. In the war against the French colonialists and the American invaders, the Lim dynasty was not open for decades until the renewal years. Today, the Society is open on January 13th of the lunar calendar every year.

The lim festival is centered on Lim Temple – the place of worship of Hieu Trung Hau – the founder of Quan ho singing and taking place in three surrounding areas: Noi Due commune, Lien Bao commune and the town. Lim. Lim festival usually lasts from 3 to 4 days (from 12th to 14th of January in lunar calendar every year), in which 13th is the festival with many activities including the festival and festival.

Lim festival begins with the procession. The procession with large crowds of people participated in the ceremonial dress of the old days, colorful colors. On the main holiday (January 13) with rites procession, the sacrifices of the village, ladies of the homeland at Co Lung Temple, Hong Van tomb, Do Xuan Nguyen district mausoleum, offering incense offering Buddha, worship her grandmother at Hong An temple. All the officials, incense of the village of Inuit total incomplete in Hong Van tomb to sacrifice the gods. It is said that: While the ritual sacrifices their worship. To sing worship, the men and women of the General Under The line stood in front of the mausoleum. While singing, they can only sing the hymn to praise the work of god.

On the wharf under the boat (Lim village)
Sing them on the dragon boat.
Oh, do not come back.
Sing them on stage Lim.

Apart from the ceremony, the festival also has many folk games such as martial arts, wrestling, chess, dances, weaving, cooking … and especially the singing.

Just like the old-fashioned, fascinating and fascinating is still the cultural activities Quan họ-type of folk has become the common cultural property of the nation. Hang Quan, Lung Giang, Lung Son Pagoda, Duan Dong (Lim Town) Dinh Ca, Lo Bao, Du Khanh Noi Due); Hoai Thuong, Hoai Trung, Hoai Thi. Hoan Quan family took place in the house, on the yard, in front of the pagoda or float on the boat baskets in the middle of ponds – beautiful. The towel he folded the shirt, the three-sided shirt with seven leashes, conical handbag to meet up, meet, welcome each other, warm, delicate and gentle manner of the Quan họ, with folk melodies reaching high artistic level,

 The Quan họ tune is conveyed from many generations, through the festival always enthralled by the salty feelings, love, echoes from the lyrics and more profoundly through the voice characteristic of him immediately. this sister. When guests come to play home,

Get coal, water fans, cut off tea.

This tea is very delicious,

I give you a cup.

And when it came time to leave, the break up was hard to stop, because the lyrics always hold as guests:

Oh, people do about…

View l • Preparatory  Assembly Lim

Come to the Lim festival is about with a sky of sound, poetry and music tingling space to stir the heart. The new seven-piece, three-section hat, straps, silk silk cover, umbrellas, towels, paisley flowers … as the hidden spring life of people and creatures. The game of the Lim family is also a unique way of playing, with each gesture of communication bringing in a high cultural nuance. Lim always left in the heart of the meeting a beautiful thing. That is the special characteristics of the ancient culture in the North and Quan Quan people became the common property of the Vietnamese people.


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