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Dao Vien Brass Foundry Village

Historically, about 1428-1527 (Le Dynasty), Taoyuan has 4 villages Dong Mai, Dien Tien, Chau My, Long Thuong (Hung Yen), whose foundry was called by the Imperial court to Thang Long foundry. money and worship. At this place, they created a new life, created a new village named Ngu Xa, to remember his native country. Later, the village was organized into a separate ward, called Ngo Ngoc Xa (now Ngu Xa street, Ba Dinh district). Up to now, both Taoyuan and Ngu Xa worshiped Nguyen Minh Khong, his name is Ly Trieu National Park.
Through the epitaph and the five-month engraved on the ancient bell, around 1915, Taoyuan also has excellent bronze casting craftsmanship was the King in Hue to cast the church and the door of the court. Or do Van Tai instrument, very good casting copper was awarded the title of Academy, the next day the children often call the tool is Tai.

Taoyuan Village before 1954 is a prosperous economic place, trading with Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Nam Dinh.

In the village, there are still two statues of the village’s tutelary god, two large bells of about 200kg and other churches and temples in the communal house are built by the craftsmen of the village … This is the prosperous period of Tao Vien bronze casting village with generations of artisans of bronze cast bronze.

The flourishing period, famous villages everywhere. The products of the village are very rich, from the usual household items such as pots, copper plates, worship items to large products, high casting techniques such as bronze statues, temples in the temple. Bronze casters Dao Vien good reputation, many people have made bell, large bronze statues for the famous pagodas in the area such as Do Van Hieu, Do Van Tuy, Ngo Thi Dam Ngu Xa 10m high, weighs 17 tons; Cuu Chinh cast 3 large statues in Ham Long pagoda today still preserve …


Complete worship products of Tao Vien copper casting village.

In the Le dynasty, Taoyuan had four villages of bronze casting Dong Mai, Dien Tien, Americas, Long Thuong (Hung Yen) was the Imperial Court of Thang Long mint money and worship. After this area developed into a specialized copper casting village called Ngu Xa, now in Ba Dinh district (Hanoi) and also worshiped Mr. Nguyen Minh Khong.

Despite a long time of development, the bronze casting industry in Taoyuan has a period of interruption. Households are still sparse, struggling. His father’s brilliant traditional career was lost, many descendants from this shallow farmland had to travel from one country to another.

The bronze casting profession in Taoyuan is left in the subconscious mind of the elderly, but with the heart and determination of many, his father’s traditional profession has been restored and developed in a positive direction. Since Bac Ninh province has implemented the project to focus on creating jobs, increasing income of rural workers, the problem has become clearer. The province and the district attach great importance to the restoration of traditional craft villages in localities. Thuan Thanh district established the Steering Committee for the restoration and development of craft villages, and the village of Dao Vien castings is a key. The People’s Committee of Thuan Thanh district, Steering Committee of Nguyet Duc Commune, the School of Economics, Technical and Traditional Handicrafts has held a conference and signed a commitment to implement a joint program to restore the development of craft villages. . Since then, the Party Committee and the commune authorities have found a consensus of all three hundred households in the village, making decisions to mobilize credit institutions, businesses and children to build village planning village. along with the infrastructure. The big challenge is capital and human resources. Leaders of Nguyet Duc Commune noted that the teachers of the School of Economics, technology and traditional handicrafts have made great contributions to this. The school persist in finding skilled artisans casting in the provinces about Dao Vien craft. The school organized two training courses in bronze casting in the village of Taoyuan. Artisans and teachers of the school convey the basic knowledge of the profession, combining traditional village experience with science, technology, new techniques of bronze casting.


Complete worship products of Tao Vien copper casting village.

After two training courses, Taoyuan Village has added hundreds of founders inlaid with copper. Excellent trainees such as Nguyen Tai Anh, Do Van Cuong, Duong Van Hoan, Nguyen Dinh Thai, Nguyen Van Hung … have opened the new furnace. Hundreds of laborers from the village go to work far away to be mobilized for vocational training, business capital. Dao Dao’s bronze castings have since grown back, with traditional products such as statuettes, bells, candles, vases, candlesticks, cranes … Because of the high quality products that many products. Ta’s products are the enterprises in and outside the province to cover all. In particular, Taoyuan Village is opening the direction of developing molded portrait products. With this unique handicraft product, many skilled craftsmen of Taoyuan always have to refuse orders of customers at home and abroad. From 27 households a few years ago, Taoyuan has 125 household.

It is a very respectable number, because it not only shows the vitality of a village, but also shows that the traditional cultural products of the village have quickly adapted to the development of modern needs.

In the investment strategy of developing industry – small industry in Thuan Thanh district, Dao Vien copper casting is one of the traditional trade villages. Nguyet Duc Commune also has a policy for the development of craft villages in the direction of modernity, which will coordinate with levels, sectors and households are producing vocational training for laborers; Contact with banks and credit organizations to request loans for production households. Believe that, when properly concerned, the village will develop strongly, creating the brand as traditional villages in other localities.

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