Vietnam Festival

Huong Pagoda Festival

Perfume Pagoda is a famous landscapes, historical relics, cultural beliefs of Hanoi in particular and of Vietnam in general.
The first word allowed us to send to the guests good wishes and success. In the spring when the sky is harmonious, the nature is good, the joy of people is also at many folk festivals in our country jubilantly in the Assembly. Spring Festival is the most attractive time for people to go to the pagoda, participate in festivals to express their sincerity, pray for the whole year and have the opportunity to enjoy themselves in the festival of cultural identity. It is not easy to go to the pagoda to pray, but it is also a time for people to seek spirituality after the hard years of their lives. Get into the stream of worship to feel the harmony of heaven and earth when the spring. The door of the temple is open with the sound of the bell and the scent of incense smoke, the ceremony always makes the soul of the stranger calm. And can see the image of Vietnamese pilgrims on the buddhist when the spring.

Perfume Pagoda has become a familiar place in the spiritual of tourists in the country and internationally. Every year, every spring flowers bloom dream of mountain forest Huong Son Millions of Buddhists with the Tao of the four. The Huong Pagoda, the journey to a land of buddhist. The place of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva to improve the monk, to offer a compressed incense. a prayer, or release his soul to fly in harmony with nature, in a region also traces the spiritual and spiritual culture. Huong Pagoda is located in Huong Son commune, My Duc district Hanoi. January 6 is the day of the Huong Pagoda, the festival lasts until the end of the third month of the lunar calendar, this day is the day of opening the forest, the local people became the opening day. winning notoriety, not only by beautiful scenery but also a beautiful cultural beliefs Buddhist people of Vietnam. Unlike any other place, Huong Pagoda is a collection of temples and caves attached to the mountains and forests, and became a large landscape with a harmonious architecture between nature and man-made. was laid out for this mountain of gentle water and then people have blew soul into those wonders. It is a vibrant and vibrant color, which has created a culture of the nation is the culture of religious beliefs. Perhaps it has been through the centuries, it has boldly embedded in the minds of every Vietnamese person when we came to Huong Pagoda, so that the weary people of the year came here with the desire to have a compressed tower. incense. In front of such a scenery the kings and the gentlemen did not regret the admiration. In 1770, when Trinh Sam Pham Huong Son had the inscription of five words on the door of Huong Tich “Nam Thien De Nhat Dong” (the most beautiful male in the world), and many other poets came here such as Chu Manh Trinh, Cao Ba Quat, Xuan Dieu. Che Lan Vien, Hu Xuan Huong … Now Huong Pagoda is not only a regional value, but also a national monument is a spiritual cultural values of a people, because It is the living value of the development chain of Buddhist cult culture. of the Vietnamese people from ancient times until today


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