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Dong Ky Timber Village

Dong Ky traditional handicraft village is one of the most famous handicraft villages in Bac Ninh province, but also in other countries. Along with other traditional villages of Bac Ninh province, Dong Ky is increasingly developing its economy, improving its quality as well as its products. Dong Ky is one of the richest villages in Bac Ninh province.

Geographic location
The square is about 20km northeast of Hanoi, on the provincial road 232, now renamed Nguyen Van Cu [1] and based on the Ngu Huyen Khe.

Prior to 1997, Dong Quang commune (including 3 villages of Binh Ha, Trang Liet, Dong Ky), Tien Son district, Hebei province.

After re-establishment, Dong Quang Commune, Tu Son District, Bac Ninh Province.

2008, according to the decision to establish Tu Son town, is now Dong Ky ward.

Before the establishment of Dong Ky ward, Dong Ky village consists of 6 hamlets: Bang hamlet, Gieng hamlet, Diem hamlet, Tu hamlet, Tan Thanh hamlet, Nghè hamlet.

It consists of 7 main streets: Thanh Binh street (Dong hamlet), Dong Tam street (Tu hamlet), Dai Dinh street (Doi hamlet), Ghè street (Ghè village), Thanh Nhan street (Gieng village), Tan Thanh street , Dong Tien area (Ba dung).

The ward president from 2009 is Mr. Ngo Xuan Tao.

Dong Ky has an industrial zone, along with two small residential areas.

Dong Ky is a relatively large population, with about 13,000 people (2006) and a high birth rate. Dong Ky is in the process of rapid urbanization.

At present, the number of people doing farming in the village is very small due to the people’s participation in handicraft production. Agricultural output is almost negligible.

Handicraft production of wooden furniture export is the strength of the village, with income of hundreds of billions of VND per year, production of wooden arts not only solve the jobs for people in the village It also attracts thousands of outside workers. With an income of $ 1.5 to $ 7 million per month (2009).

Dong Ky Village is a village with many directors, most car of the province of Bac Ninh. Family economics is very developed.

Products villagedo-go-dong-ky.jpg
The Village offers almost all high-tech furniture items for living, work, interior decoration or worship … for the domestic market and abroad. SP is mainly made of mahogany, incense wood, eucalyptus, ebony, wood, wood

The main products include:

Types of tables and chairs for living and work

Types mah mah, tea cabinet

Display cabinets, wine cabinets, wall cabinets, TV cabinets

Types of paintings engraved, mosaic of mussels, wood mosaics (special paintings)

Types of decorative wood, slippery, chisel, mosaic …

Worshiping tools: altar, altar, altar, shrine, tam paint, lacquer, parallel sentences, hammock door, throne,

Types of wooden clock stand: timepieces, lanterns, orchids, orchids

Decorative items: wooden statues, feng shui statues, vases, angels, skirts,

the SP from the wood

Types of bed carved,

Wardrobe 2 chambers, 3 chambers, 4, 5 chambers

Types of dressing table

With rich from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions.

Cultural customs
An ancient village of Kinh Bac, still retain the traditional customs, celebrities.

Hoi Dong Ky
dong ky1
Occurs on 3-4-5 Lunar New Year. It is based on the monster’s tradition of witchcraft, and the tradition of fighting the foreign invaders of the four generals of the village. Every year, the village will choose 4 people to age 50 in each armor to 4 generals to fight against the enemy (red official). Each general will have the responsibility to organize troops as well as make a small artillery to large, small fruit (firecrackers) about 5m long, the largest (most cannon) can be up to 15m, cylindrical shape is cylindrical The diameter can be up to 1m. The third day is the procession of the king to the village. Evening 3 is the ceremony run, based on the general mobilized soldiers fighting the past. The 4th is the procession of fireworks to the army, after worshiping the royal village is the most attractive part of the festival is burning four guns (to the spirit of the old soldiers). As the artillery is too big to be dangerous, it is now decided by the government to ban fire in 1994, the form of the festival has changed a little, no longer burning fire, the gun is now only fireworks. Used for festivals. After the firing of the artillery will be the military ceremony. This is also an attractive part of the artillery. The crowd will be on the shoulders by the boys are in the capacity to do dance moves like to promote the spirit of soldiers and like to bid farewell to the people to fight. This is a custom or is still being maintained and promoted.

Feature Products :

– Authentic Vietnamese agarwood incense 108 beads 6-8mm fashion prayer beads meditation bracelets men jewelry wood wristband (8mm)

-Vietnamese Rose Wood Nose Flute (Natural Oil Finish)

-Vietnamese Traditional Instrument Xylophone mini T’rung

-Happy Planter HP413 Extra Large Wood Barrel Outdoor Planter, Size: 22 in. x 14 in. x 12 in. Color: Charcoal Brown

-Zen Garden Eucalyptus Set of 3 Square Nested Side Tables, Teak Wood Finish, Teak Yellow


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