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Bát Tràng porcelain

Bat Trang porcelain and pottery is a pottery made in Bat Trang village, the northern suburb of Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam). The village is located in an area with a lot of clay suitable for pottery. Bat Trang pottery is considered one of the most famous porcelain products in Vietnam besides the products of Chu Dau, Dong Nai, Phu Lang and Ninh Thuan. The history of pottery production in this village can be traced back to the 14th century BC. Throughout the centuries, Bat Trang ceramics have been traveling in European commercial ships to all over the world.


The name Bat Trang was formed from the Le dynasty, which is the integration between the five famous pottery family of Bo Bat village with the Nguyen family in Minh Trang. The five great families, including Tran, Vuong, Nguyen, Le, Pham, met and decided to bring some artisans, potters and their descendants to move to Thang Long. They stopped at the 72 white mounds of Minh Tràng village.

Bat Trang ceramics have been circulated all over the country, even abroad. Bat Trang pottery as a vase, vase, drawing bowls, bowls painted ancient … was purchased by Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, French … in large quantities. Many Japanese artists have imitated the style of drawing, mineral paint, diverse colors, simple, rustic but deep of Bat Trang pottery.

Since the last century, Bat Trang pottery has been a high-class, rare but much worshiping: candlestick, incense burner, flower vase. Later, due to tastes developed, plus the market demand, Bat Trang pottery has many household appliances, most commonly bowls, plates, vases. Today, the talent of the Bat Trang pottery village is highly promoted in the market mechanism. Many items of various types and designs have been produced. Fine ceramics, industrial ceramics, antique imitations, high-grade building ceramics are gradually being produced more than household ceramics. Now traditional items are only made when guests order to restoration restored ancient monuments. Stand in front of ceramic art items.

Bat Trang, we are amazed by the talented hands of pottery artists – people who have sent earth and fire to create the celadon for life.

Bat Trang today, few people think there is a pottery in this place has one tomorrow, the village only a few pottery of the cooperative with a variety of products such as bowls, plates, bowls, low quality products. . In order to have a vibrant life today, the Bat Trang outside the crystal, sensitivity also implies a love of skin with traditional pottery. By loving the profession and the hard work, creativity, artisans have found the secret of enamel, the reef of ancient Vietnamese pottery to restore the ancient pottery glaze Bat Trang. The creative work of the old artisans with the youth of Bat Trang has created a world of diverse, vibrant colors from the land grasp.

In October 2004, Bat Trang pottery market included pavilions of nearly 1000 households specializing in producing consumer pottery that were opened on the 5,000 square meters of Bat Trang Ceramic Joint Stock Company. Not only is the exhibition and trade organization, the Bat Trang people hope the ceramic market will attract a large number of tourists and will soon become a popular tourist destination of Hanoi capital.

Featured products:

– Ten Thousand Villages Blue And White Oval Ceramic Herb Planter ‘Seatones Triple Planter’

-Bat Trang Vietnam teaset HPBTSP94 400ml (brown)

-Bat Trang Vietnam Art Handmade Ceramic Coffee Cup and Filter Set (Black & Green)

-Ceramic Mug With Biscuit Holder ‘Cookie Pocket Mug’

-4 Piece Blue Vines And Petals Ceramic Spoons ‘Measuring Spoons Set’

-Hand Painted Ceramic Coffee Cup (Blue Floral Design) ‘Toasty Morning Mug’


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