The handicraft of Vietnam has such a unique feature. The name of the products always includes the name of the village that creates them. Those skillful products are also a pride of their village.
Many traditional handicraft villages have become so well-known through the history of this country. At these villages, there are so many skilled craftsmen that the whole village becomes a large manufacturing center. Moreover, each village has its own unique feature, which is impossible to mimic. From conical hats to pottery to silk weaving, handicraft traditions are in decline in Vietnam. However, some villages are trying to revive and sustain the beautiful traditional arts that define the country. Here we have identified the best handicraft villages in Vietnam. Don’t forget to bring a spare bag for souvenirs!

Traditional craft products are recognized and appreciated from many angles of the social economy with great value and unique. It should be noted that in the age of high technology and information technology today, although the development to this place does not replace the creativity of traditional craftsmen and traditional values and values of many craftsmen traditional,go along with time…..

Feature Products:

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